Survey Voice Review

Survey Voice Review 2021: Is It Worth Your Time?

Would you like to earn money? That is an irrational question. Everyone wants to earn money. But nowadays people stumble to earn income online. Constantly researching online, you can know how to increase earnings. Always trying to find a legit medium. And for that, people spend a lot of time on the internet screen.

People spend a lot of time on the internet not only for earning but also for spending time and as a means of pleasure plus reading. Studying on the internet, watching YouTube videos on the internet, playing games on the internet. In a word, people have now become free workers of the internet. 

According to statistics, a person currently spends 6 to 7 hours a day online. Some are browsing, some are watching videos, some are playing games. Again, there are many who wastes all their time online. What if these people make some money using this wasted time? Obviously, it will be a great plan. 

But nowadays there is no shortage of online scammers. Everyone is waiting to be deceived. In this case, if you can earn some money from a legit platform, then it is not bad. Doing so will make you self-reliant and save you time wasted online. Survey Voices is such a legit platform, where you can earn some extra bucks for yourself.

What is Survey?

If you deal with online regularly, you may be familiar with the term survey. If you don’t know, there’s no problem, I’m saying. You can make money by selling, freelancing, blogging, and marketing online. Many people around the world are aware of this. But among these terms, freelancing and blogging are the most popular.

But there is another good way to earn money online is to survey. The way to earn income in this system is to provide some information to a company or platform and in return they will pay you. Different brands do such surveys about their products. Brands don’t do it themselves, they do it through a platform. You will be paid from these platforms. 

In simple terms, you will give your opinion about a product and in return they will pay you. 1 survey lasts about five minutes to half an hour. And you can earn 0.25 dollars to 2 dollars per survey. And here your correct information is mandatory. You will be expelled if you provide any incorrect information and you won’t be paid.

Survey Voices Short Overview

So far, we know what the survey is. But there is a problem in this case. Of all the survey-related platforms, there are more scams than Legit. If you do not have the right knowledge on this subject, then you may fall into the category of scam platforms. In that case, you will not earn any money, but your time will be wasted. So, if you want to earn by doing surveys, then you need to know about a legit survey site who will pay you. 

Survey voices is a legit platform, where you will get paid for doing surveys. It is a popular platform and it is not a scam at all. It is a survey platform, but many say it is a survey aggregator. Because it is powered by a platform in the USA named Reward Zone. This Reward Zone is a survey aggregator. So indirectly, it can be called survey aggregator. 

Whatever it is, it is one of the most popular survey sites. This site itself will not provide you any survey directly. It collects surveys from the host and provides them to you. Then, you can give information and get paid. It just connects you to the survey provider’s site. It works a lot like a middle man. Basically, it evaluates its users and selects the right survey site for them based on that evaluation. Reward Zone is an established platform in the USA. It always allows legitimate sites to work with it. It is also rumored that Survey Voices users can earn up to 300 dollars on the first day of sign up. All this information is enough to consider the Survey Voices as valid.

Working Procedure of Survey Voices 

If you want to earn money by doing surveys, you can choose Survey Voices. You can go to the site and check it out. If you want to start your journey with the site, you need to know how to get started. Let’s begin.

  • Sign Up: First, you need to sign up. To do this, you must have a Gmail or yahoo account. As soon as you sign up, you will become a regular member here. Then, you will see a list of surveys of third-party sites. It is completely free to join.
  • View Offers: You will see many surveys. Just click on these offers you like and provide answers to qualify. You will be asked about different types of survey related topics. You need to qualify by providing your correct opinion.
  • Get Rewards: If you qualify, you will be taken to the main survey. It will ask you different questions about the topic of the main survey. You will be rewarded if you complete a paid survey. This reward allows you to withdraw through various ways.

Some important things should be said. Every survey site has its own terms and conditions. Since they pay you based on your feedback, they will always verify you. If they find anything false in your feedback or opinion, you will be banned. So, you have to work very carefully.

During the survey, you will be shown different types of ads and your mail will also show different earning options. You can click on them if you want. But make sure that the offers are not fake. 

Features of Survey Voices

Survey Voice is a great survey aggregator. It has many user-friendly features. It is often seen that the outlook of the site is so complex that ordinary users do not understand. In that case, survey voices are completely different. It is a very simple and user-friendly site. Everything from signup to rewards are arranged here in a very simple way. Let’s discuss its features in short. 

Limitless Surveys

There are many more survey sites like Survey Voices in which you cannot take unlimited surveys. Those sites show that if you are disqualified from more surveys, your account is banned. Again, on some sites you will be able to do a certain number of surveys every day. In this regard, Survey Voice is providing tremendous benefits to its members.

Repeated disqualification will not be a problem here. You can take surveys repeatedly. You can take and complete as many surveys you want. There is no restriction and no limit of taking surveys.

Various Eligibility Criteria

This company works with various companies. So, it has many surveys to offer you. You can choose any of them and start to give your opinion. But I said one thing before. You will receive payment only after you have qualified for the survey after completing the survey. If you are disqualified, you must start the survey anew. 

Don’t worry, there are many more surveys for you to qualify. Here you will find different types of surveys from different third-party sites. Some of them offer instant qualification. This will allow you to complete the survey very easily. Some of the surveys are quite difficult and some are very easy. 

Since there are different types of surveys, there is no need to worry about survey qualification and payment. The more time you give, the more you will achieve. You just need to keep patience. It is a very decent platform for those who are looking for a part-time job. Usually, you can’t earn lakhs by doing surveys. But if you work hard-work, you can make more than from part-time work. 

And the great advantage here is that you can do the surveys anytime, anywhere. Only your age must be above 18 years. If you are more than 18 years old, you can earn money from here as you wish.

Multiple Reward System

You will find different reward options on this site. Since it is connected to many third-party sites, here you will find a wide variety of reward options, including banks and retailers. These reward options are accepted everywhere.

It offers a flexible way to withdraw your money.  Receive your payment through the reward system that you think is flexible and convenient. Since, this is a site which is operated by American Survey Aggregator Company; most of its reward systems will be available to you.

These are the features of Survey Voices. Overall, it is a user-friendly survey aggregator.

How You Will Be Paid from Survey Voices?

The payments you receive in Survey Voice are virtual payments.  But the survey voice will not give you this payment directly. Here will show the survey of different types of survey sites. You will be paid in the same way as the payment is restricted to those sites. 

Survey voice is just like a middleman. So, there is no separate rule for the payment structure here. For example, suppose you complete a survey of Swagbucks. There you will be paid mainly through points. 

Again, Inbox Dollar makes direct dollar payments. In that case if you complete an inbox dollar survey, you will be paid in dollars directly. However, most survey sites pay with points. So, here the system of point payment is more common than a cash payment. 

That means you have to redeem these payment points. You need a minimum number of points in your account to redeem these points. It requires your time. Normally, if you have 1000 to 1300 points you will get 10 dollars. 

Some sites allow you to redeem points for a minimum of 5 dollars, or redeem points for 10 dollars. It depends on the rules of different sites. You can withdraw it through different gift cards, visa cards, PayPal, Bank or BTC.

However, many people here face a problem. This is not understood by many. Survey voices claim that one man can earn 300 dollars per week from here. How true is it? Maybe it’s possible if you survey this site for hours on end. But statistics show that people who work on these types of sites are working as part-time workers. In that case, it is impossible for them to earn 300 dollars in a week. The claim is not completely false, but for many it is impossible.

Is This The Best Survey Site?

It cannot be said that this is the best survey site. It is an alternative of the best survey sites. It is not an active learning platform. If you want to earn in a passive way, you can choose this platform to earn and pass your time. This decision is completely yours. 

But in one aspect, it is the best. That is, here you can do unlimited surveys. There is no such fear that IDs are banned on other survey sites due to additional disqualification. If you are disqualified, you can go for another one. You can do the same how many times you want.

Advantages of Survey Voices

This site has many great benefits for which you can take it as a good site for Passive Earnings. 

  • Here you can join for free. So, you can examine this site clearly. This will give you enough time to make your decision. You just need to invest your time and effort, nothing else.
  • It is organized by a reputable company. Reward Zone is a reputed survey aggregator, who always gives good companies the opportunity to work under them. This will ensure security.
  • It collects surveys from trusted and reputed third-party sites. So, there is no reason to think it is a scam site.
  • It is completely a legit survey aggregator.
  • You can do surveys here anytime you want. There is no restricted time schedule. 
  • Unique programs.
  • You will get a chance to earn 300 dollars per week.


  • There is no direct payment method on this site.
  • There are no customer support services.
  • This site may not be used in all countries outside the USA.

Final Thought

Paid surveys are not a favorite option to earn money for everyone. But if you want to earn through a passive way, you can earn much. For this, you just need to invest your time and effort. And the Survey voices is a site where you can earn a fair amount of money. 

And since this site is very unlikely to have an ID ban, it is safer than other survey sites. Just work hard and complete the survey task. Who knows, you can earn up to 300 dollars. Now the rest is entirely your decision.

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