LifePoints Review

LifePoints Review: Complete Small Tasks and Earn Money

A paid survey is one kind of statistical survey. Here the members of the participants are rewarded a small amount of cash through an inspiring program. An online paid survey collects an amount of information from its participants and throws separate programs for each of them based on that information.

Especially well-known brands and companies use these sites for their feedback on their products. Users get paid to give feedback. 

There are thousands of online survey sites on the web. Each of them comes with different features, advantages, bad sides, etc. All the sites are not reputed at all. Some sites are profitable for you and some are a waste of time for you. You just have to choose the worthwhile site for you.

Today we will discuss one of the best sites called LifePoint. Not all sites are the best. Each of them has its pros and cons. LifePoint is such a type of online survey site. It has a ton of benefits, but does it mean that it is perfect for you?

Today we will openly discuss all these issues of LifePoint. I am going to give you a review of life points. Then you can decide whether you want to fill out their surveys. Or, you might decide that it is a waste of time because you are not generating as much income as you think. It is completely up to you. So, let’s get started.

LifePoints: Short Description

Those of you who have a good idea about the survey may know about the two sites. They are MySurvey and Global Test Market. At that time, they were very popular. LifePoint is the joint site of these two sites. In many countries, their organizations were shut down. That’s why they later came together and formed the LifePoints survey site. 

Therefore, LifePoints is a combination of the two organizations. It is a platform that will allow you to earn money and give many rewards through the survey.

They have a community of over 5,000,000 members. They offer their surveys in more than 26 languages. This site is available in 40 countries now. You can use their website and online app to make money. It is currently one of the largest sites in the world.

So, all of this proves that this is a good site. That means it is a legit survey site. This survey site is quite easy to use.

LifePoints: How Does It work?

LifePoints is a completely free service in which you can earn points by taking surveys. First, they will give you the points. You can replace the prizes as per your choice through points.  Earn 10 points just for signing up! It’s amazing. 

Not every survey point is the same. When you take a survey, you will be awarded points based on its length and content. You can get different rewards using different points. 

You will get a survey panel after you log in. After signing up, you will be added as a member only after answering some questions by email verification. It should not take more than one minute to do. 

In the new stage, you will not see any survey in the survey panel. You have nothing to fear. You will be notified of the new survey via email invitation. From then, you will see the survey immediately after logging in.

Before and After LifePoints

There is a good side to the email invitation. You will see the survey reward with the survey there. That’s why the email invitation process is the most user- friendly.

LifePoints gives you another way to earn money. They organize contests and those contests are free. So, if you are a member, then you will easily participate in those free contests regularly. This contest is announced on their own Facebook page. 

LifePoints Facebook page screenshot

The questions in the contest are very simple. If you don’t know the answers, then you can easily search for them on google.

As far as I know, these contests are announced once a week. And, the rewards of this contest are around 30 dollars. But there is a downside to the contest. 

Over one thousand members participate in each contest. So, it is a part of luck. If you win you are lucky, otherwise, you are unlucky. It is a little bit difficult to win a contest out of so many members.

LifePoints: How to Get Paid

Every time you take a survey, you win points. You can use these points in different ways to get paid.

You can use PayPal, gift cards, charity, etc. Basically, the paid-out option depends on your country. I consider PayPal and gift cards to be my best preference. And rewards depend on your point.

If you have 1150 points, you will get 15 dollars through PayPal. For the same amount of money, IKEA will cost you 1250 points.The average calculation is that you will get 0.15$ for every 10 points. `

LifePoints App

You can access life points in two ways. One of the two ways is to use the app. You just need to log in and answer the surveys. 

LifePoints has been newly created. It is available on both Android and iPhone. You will find every process of the website in the app. It is free to use. The amount of points and rewards you earn is the same.

LifePoints Final Review

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to earn extra cash, then LifePoints is a fruitful option for you. Its user-friendly app design, various types of survey options, high amount of cash for active users, fun and interesting surveys, contests, multiple cash, and gift card option, each of these features will force you to make a choice. 

Sometimes, you may get some bogus surveys. Or, some time may face some technical issues. These are not big issues at all. You don’t need to answer them. It is best to avoid those surveys. 

If you have extra time in your hand, download the app on mobile and answer surveys in your free time. It will not waste time and money will be earned.

Connect with the LifePoints Community, Contribute by Completing Surveys, and Collect Your Favorite Rewards!

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