Survey Time Best Paid Survey Site

Survey Time: Best Paid Survey Site

Many people are looking for a source of income without any investment. Many people think about it and it is a common matter nowadays. And, in this lockdown moment, this issue has grown even more so.

How do you start making money if you have no money, no investment? It’s true that you cannot make a lot of money that way. But you can make enough income according to your needs. 

Today we will learn about a new website, from where you can make money. Survey Time is an online platform where you will be paid for surveys. And this is the best survey site where you can get paid.

I am excited because this is survey time and this is one I plan to review. If you want to earn through surveys, you can sign-up here. If you do this, it will be the best use of your leisure time.

I have seen many positive reviews of this site on the web. You will get an overview of survey time, after reading this article. Let’s get started.

Short Description

Survey Time is operated by a global mobile ad-tech company. This online platform works with the greatest market research organizations in the world.

It is a reliable online platform to earn extra money. It offers direct surveys to the users. It pays fast rewards to users. 

This site is so simple and easy to use. This site offers surveys based on the country you added to your profile. And, your rewards will also change depending on where you are. 

There are plenty of surveys available on the site. Every time, you will be notified via email or text message for new surveys when the surveys arrive. 

There is no doubt that this site is legitimate. It is owned by a global mobile ad-tech company. So, without hesitation, anyone will make sure it is a genuine company and the best survey site. 

How Does It Work?

If you are a new member, you will have to register yourself. Put your name and mailing address. They will send you mail for verification. Verify your maid id. 

Now, the next step is completing a profile survey. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes. Be careful when you are answering. Because the survey questions are made depending on the profile. It is really good and there is nothing unusual in it.

The next and final step is to take surveys and answer them. You will get surveys on this site in two ways. One is when you log in. Another one will be notified via mail. I like the second step more user friendly. In this way, you just need to sign-up and check for surveys. 

How Do You Get Paid?

The payment system on this paid survey site is the most unique compared to other sites and I love it so much. This site gives $1 per survey. The amount is the same for every survey no matter how long the survey is. 

And I always recommend you choose a short survey. This way will help you to complete more surveys within a short time. And, the more you complete the survey, the more you earn.

If you have a PayPal account, you can get cash via PayPal. You can choose some other options on this site like Amazon, Target, Gift Cards, etc. You have to verify your phone number for the first payout.


  • Offers direct surveys of the users and in return pays the rewards directly.
  • It pays well for every survey.
  • Most of the surveys are quite short.
  • Easy system and easy surveys.
  • Offer a couple of opportunities every day.
  • The Disqualification rate is very low.
  • Worldwide available.
  • Very easy to use.
  • User-friendly features. 


  • They serve their customers very slowly.
  • Some Technical issues.

Final Verdict

Over-all survey time is a user friendly and reliable platform to earn extra cash. If you have extra time in your hand, download the app on mobile and answer surveys in your free time. It will not waste time and money will be earned.

Connect with the Survey Time community at, contribute by completing surveys, and collect your cash.

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