Video Watching Jobs Online

Video Watching Jobs Online: Earn 30$ Everyday

Currently, one of the most common sources of online income is watching videos. More or less everyone knows about this matter. And, many choose it as a permanent part-time job. 

Many people are looking for a source of income without any investment. It is the common thinking of everyone. And, in this lockdown moment, this issue has grown even more so.

How do you start making money if you have no money, no investment? It’s true that you cannot make a lot of money that way. But you can make enough income according to your needs. 

If you like to watch videos on computers and TV, why not get paid for it? Online, many sites offer you such an opportunity that you can watch videos and earn money together.

You should visit their sites and earn money by just watching videos. We just need a little bit of time to do this. 

What to do First?

Before we get started, I want to mention one thing to you. That is a PayPal account. You must have a PayPal account to start this earning journey.

In this article, we will know about several sites that allow you to earn money by watching videos. All the sites have different payout options. But PayPal is a common method that is allowed by every site. 

And, nowadays PayPal is a very trusted medium to transfer money. So, if you have not a PayPal account, you will have to go to PayPal, sign up for an account. Then you are going to get paid the money into PayPal and take that money out and do whatever you want.

I mention this because you can use that money to hopefully start another online business. This is perfect to get a little bit of money to start a dropship in business and affiliate marketing business or anything as you wish.

Top 3 Sites That Pay to Watch Videos

Now I will tell you about the best online earning videos sites. I found these three sites useful for watching videos through my research. You should take a look at the sites below. Every site has its own characteristics. You can choose any of them based on your needs. So, let’s get started.


Swagbucks is known as one of the best online money-making platforms. You can earn extra cash from here by completing surveys, shopping online, surfing the web, and watching videos that are the main target of this article.

You will find a variety of videos on this site. And, the range of videos is not the same. You can also watch ads here and earn money

You can watch world news, sports news, sports highlights, ad shows, game ads, song ads, product ads, and other themed videos. You can earn by watching videos that are sponsored.

They give you points for watching videos. These points can be redeemed for gift cards. They have their official app also. The app can be used for doing the same.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another earning website where you can earn money by watching videos, watching ads, and doing several tasks. You can take this site as an alternative to Swagbucks. 

On this site, you will also find a variety of videos. Not only video but also there are many more options to earn money on this site. You can complete surveys, play games, participate in promotional offers, perform a web search, watch adverts and get paid etc. 

Another reason to like this site is that the site gives its new members a special gift that no other site does. If you join as a new member, you will get a gift of 5 dollars. 

User Field

The user field is a good way to earn a large amount of money by watching a few videos in a short time. It pays 10 dollars for every video and their range is not so long. 

So, if you spend two or three hours you can make a huge large amount within one day. It is a video test website. You have to test videos and earn money. Each test runs around 20 to 25 minutes. 

You will not be qualified for every test. For more information, research their site. If you can complete every video test perfectly, then it will be a huge income for you.


You can earn money by doing whatever job you want. You can make money from outside or if you have computers or smartphones, you can earn from home. 

But earning money by watching videos is a flexible way. And the above sites make fun and creative opportunities for you. Have fun and earn money by just watching videos.

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