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Surveys2cash: Best Legit Paid Surveys

A survey site is a good way to earn an extra amount of income. From here, you can increase your credits for working in your spare time. It is better to do any research before joining any survey. It is a good option to find legitimate online surveys for everyone. 

But all survey sites are not legal. But you don’t find every survey sight is convenient for you. Some sites will waste your time or some will make you annoyed or some sites may not be legal also.

If you search on the web for legit online surveys, you will find more than 100 sites. Maybe at that time, you have seen a site called surveys2cash. And, this article is going to give you a short review on surveys2cash, a legit paid survey site.

When I researched this site, it seemed like a survey aggregator to me. So, this is a short review article of the surveys2cash site. 


Surveys2cash is an established online paid survey site. Earning money from an online survey site is legal. It is a proper legit way. 

It is free to join. You need to register and fill out the questionnaires to join the site. When you complete all the requirements they asked, you will be ready to enter the site. 

As I said before, it is not like other survey sites that you enter and start taking surveys. It is a survey aggregator that recommends you to join more survey sites.

If you are thinking of signing up and making money by answering surveys, that’s wrong. You have to join the recommended survey sites to earn money. And you get all the recommended survey sites listed on the last screen after completing the total registration process. Join those sites and earn extra cash. 

You can earn money from recommended survey sites by completing the survey. Simply put, you can earn money from this site and join another site through this site to earn money. I think this is a very good and unique feature.

And the biggest thing is that most of the sites that are listed on surveys2cash are legitimate. So, it is a good thing that you have found a lot of good sites together.

How does It work?

A final screen with congratulatory text will open after completing all the work related to profile and verification. On this screen, you get a list of the survey. And finally, you get promotional offers. They get paid to display these offers. 

Here you get paid survey sites and they are also legit. So, you can join the survey sites without any doubt. 

You have to click on the link to the survey sites in the list of your choice and sign-up. After that, those sites will pay you for completing surveys on their website.

So, the main process of this site is, you will not earn cash by taking any paid surveys here. All it does is that you go through the sign-up and give your information. After that, you get a list of survey sites and they get paid to promote.

You will be paid via gift cards or PayPal. You can use it on amazon or you can also withdraw the money. 

Who can Join?

Everyone is not allowed to join this survey site. This online platform is available in the U.S.A. So, if you are a citizen of the U.S. and you are 18 years old or more than 18, you can join this site and earn extra cash.

Pros and Cons

We have learned a lot about this site in a short time. We will now conclude the article by highlighting some of the pros and cons of this site.


  • Fully free to join.
  • Good money earning option for U.S. citizens.
  • So many survey opportunities.
  • Guaranteed payout system.
  • Promotes many legit survey sites.


  • Have no own surveys.
  • Lengthy screenings are very boring.
  • Some gifts and offers are unavailable. 
  • Has only promotional offers.
  • Promotes many poor survey sites. 

Final Verdict

In my opinion, it is a survey aggregator rather than a survey site. I think this site is a good way of getting promotional offers in which the site is partnered with. 

You will get a lot of promotional offers and you will end up on their email list. So that they can contact you with additional promotional offers. If you dislike earning by getting promotional offers, then this site is not a perfect match for you. 

Finally, on this site, you will get promotional offers, some good survey sites list, and some poor survey sites also.

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