Online Paid Survey Sites to Earn Money

Best Online Paid Survey Sites to Earn Money

An online paid survey site is one kind of statistical survey. Here the members of the participants are rewarded a small amount of cash through an inspiring program. An online paid survey site collects the amount of information from its participants and throws separate programs for each of them based on that information. 

You have already seen hundreds of different websites online which are an important means of earning money. You will get payment by filling out the surveys on these websites. 

But you don’t find every survey sight is convenient for you. Some sites will waste your time or some will make you annoyed and some sites may not be legal also. But don’t worry. Today our topic is about the best paid online survey sites that pay cash, from where; you can easily earn money by completing surveys.

What to do First?

Before we get started, I want to mention one thing to you. You must have a PayPal account. 

In this article, we will know about several sites that allow you to earn by completing surveys. All the sites have different payout options. But PayPal is a common method that is allowed by every site. 

I mention this because you can use that money to hopefully start another online business. Because making money by answering surveys cannot be a full-time income process.

This is perfect to get a little bit of money to start a dropship in business and affiliate marketing business or anything you wish.

The Best Paid Survey Sites That Pay Cash

If you think you can earn as much as you want on online survey sites, then that is wrong. This survey system is limited to every member of the site. 

The best decision is to sign up for many survey sites at once and they must be good survey sites. Take a look at the list below to help you easily understand which are the best survey sites.


Swagbucks is the largest online platform on the web that pays for answering surveys. They have paid over 600,000,000 dollars to their members all over the world. This amount is so huge that we put it on our list.

You will get many options on the site to earn money. You can watch videos, answer surveys, search the web, and earn extra cash.

We like this site. Not only we but also many users all over the world like this site. We hear many positive reviews from users. 

If you want to earn extra cash from here, you will find more than 10 options to earn from the site. It sounds really good.

Once you earn a specific amount, you can payout via PayPal.

Inbox Dollar

Inbox Dollar is another online survey website where you can earn extra cash by answering surveys. You can take this site as an alternative to Swagbucks. 

On this site, you will also find a variety of surveys. Not only is there a survey but also there are many more options to earn money on this site. You can complete surveys, play games, participate in promotional offers, perform a web search, etc. 

Another good aspect of the site is that you will get an instant 5$ bonus as soon as you sign-up.

Life Points

Therefore, LifePoints is a combination of the two organizations. They are MySurvey and Global Test Market. It is a platform that will allow you to earn money and give many rewards through the survey.

They have a community of over 5,000,000 members. They offer surveys in more than 26 languages. This site is available in 40 countries now. It is currently one of the largest survey sites in the world.

They have designed a user-friendly app also. You can get access to the app. LifePoints is a completely free service in which you can earn points by taking surveys. 

First, they will give you the points. You can replace the prizes as per your choice through points.  Earn 10 points just for signing up!

Survey Time

Survey Time is operated by a global mobile ad-tech company that works with the greatest market research organizations in the world. Survey Time provides exclusive survey campaigns. 

Survey Time offers a direct survey to the users and pays the rewards directly. It is available all over the world. You will receive your payments very soon by answering the surveys on this site and it is very easy to use as I said before. 

They offer you multiple payment options such as Amazon gift cards, Target, PayPal, Coinbase, etc. You can also get paid for your cryptocurrency account. 


This is the final site on our list. This site is not an online survey site. It is like a survey aggregator. 

Here, you get a list of the survey and offer opportunities. And then all you get promotional offers that they get paid to promote.

Here you get paid survey sites and they are also legit. So, you can join the survey sites without any doubt. 

All you have to do is click on the link and go to the site to that link and sign-up. Then, those sites will pay you for taking surveys. You will be paid via gift cards or PayPal.


You can earn money by doing whatever job you want. You can make money from outside or if you have computers or smartphones, you can earn from home. And the above sites are the best sites to do surveys for money.

But earning money by answering the survey is a decent way. And the above sites make fun and creative opportunities for you. Answer surveys, have fun, and earn money.

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